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Snowcreek V was built in several phases in the mid 1990’s by Dempsey Construction. It was the first phase of Snowcreek to jump across Old Mammoth Rd over to the south side and up against the Sherwin Mtn range.While well built and situated to capture great views of Mammoth Mountain and the Mammot crest, the design reminds many people of the cookie-cutter condo complexes in Orange County.Floorplans range from the 2-bedroom/2-bathroom/no garage units to the spacious 5-bedroom/4-bath/2-car garage on the Snowcreek golf course that have sold for up to $1.7M.

In 2006, the proactive homeowner associations (there are two separate associations in Snowcreek V) took a moisture issue by the horns and quickly mediated the problems that stemmed from plopping a bunch of buildings on top of a natural meadow without proper venitlation of the crawl spaces beneath the buildings. Problems are solved and spore samples were taken to make sure no mold spores were present.

Snowcreek is now owned by Chadmar, who has continued devloping the land previously owned by Dempsey and promises to add a mini village out in the meadow some day.

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