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This is an example of how we may market your property for sale.  We tailor our strategy for your particular property to expose it at the most appropriate price to active buyers in the best possible light.

Price: Marketing your property effectively has a lot to do with how it is priced. We carefully consider all aspects of your home and ask for your input as well. We then compare the features of your home with recent sales and use our knowledge of how the market values these features (like proximity to the ski slopes, whether your driveway is south-facing, if you have extra storage space, what kind of roof you have, and if it is a condo, how high the HOA dues are, etc).

We perform a detailed CMA, Comparative Market Analysis, to show what the current market is saying about their type of property.  We study pricing so that we can advise the best possible list price for your specific timing scenario.  Dennis is the only agent in Inyo/Mono counties to obtain the “Pricing Strategy Advisor” certification from the National Association of Realtors to hone pricing skills.


Placement of your property is also very important. We employ the following channels of marketing to make sure thousands of eyeballs see your listing:

  1. MLS: The Mammoth Lakes Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service is one of the most effective channels, as it goes to all of our cooperating agents in Mammoth, who are all working with active buyers and should be telling them about your property if it fits their interests.  We pride ourselves on having great relationships with our fellow agents in Mammoth; they love to show our listings and do not hesitate to contact us with their buyers’ questions and register their interest in them.
  2. The Sheet newspaper: Local Mammoth newspaper in which we often publish an advertisement over holiday periods.
  3. Real Estate Websites:
    1. Zillow.com: We pay extra to feature some of our listings on this top rated real estate website.
    2. Trulia.com: We pay extra to feature some of our listings on this Top 3 website.
    3. Google.com: We advertise on Google so that our website and listings are easy to find.
    4. Our listings also show up on Realtor.com and Yahoo.com
  4. Our websites: We own and maintain the following URL’s and assign them to specific listings when appropriate:
    1. www.MammothRealtySearch.com
    2. www.MammothFairwayHome.com
    3. www.MammothViewHome.com
    4. www.MammothKnollsHome.com
    5. www.JSLCondo.com
    6. www.Mammoth-Cabin.com
    7. www.ILoveMammothLakes.com
    8. www.Ski-In-Ski-Out.net
    9. www.MammothHomeSearch.com
    10. www.MammothLakesForeclosures.com
    11. www.ShortSalesMammoth.com
    12. www.CrowleyLakeHome.com
    13. www.SlopesideVilla.com
    14. www.Ski-In-Ski-Out-Villa.com
    15. www.Ski-In-Ski-Out-Home.com
    16. www.Mammoth-Loft.com
    17. www.LuxuryMammothHomes.com
    18. www.MammothLakesResources.com
    19. www.MammothSnowcreekCondos.com
    20. www.MammothTrailsHome.com
    21. www.ViewpointMammoth.com
    22. www.Seasons4Condos.com
    23. www.MammothLots.com
    24. www.Mammoth-A-Frame.com
    25. www.MammothRealtyDeals.com
    26. www.MammothRealtyMaps.com
    27. www.MammothLakesResources.com
  5. YouTube: We were the very first agents in Mammoth to take walkthrough videos of our listings and post them on YouTube. Since many of our buyers come from Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara and all over Southern California, they appreciate getting a more comprehensive visual representation than just 2 dimensional photos.
  6. Realtor Caravan: We like to immediately host your property on our weekly Realtor caravan to allow agents to view the property and tell their buyers that they have seen it in person. We also often provide refreshments to help increase attendance at this event.
  7. Cell/Mobile: As more buyers take to their mobile devices to shop for real estate, so have we.  We are on the apps that are associated with the websites mentioned above.
  8. Facebook/Instagram: We post our listings on social media accounts.

We do not market your property until the data is accurate and the photos are high quality. First impressions make a big difference! Contact us if you would like us to prepare a customized listing presentation for your property.

More about our Service:

  1. Photography: We hire a professional photographer to shoot your property so that its features are shown in the best light.
  2. Office Brand: Mammoth Realty Group has been the #1 brokerage in Mammoth since 2008.

Here are a few places we can be seen online:

  1. MRG website
  2. Zillow profile
  3. Trulia profile
  4. YouTube
  5. www.SmartHomePrice.com
  6. Yelp.com
  7. Linkedin (Dennis)
  8. Linkedin (Tara)
  9. Facebook
  10. (and then google us to see where else we might show up)

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