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Mammoth West









DSC_0088Mammoth West is located next to Canyon Lodge. It is a convenient location due to its proximity to Canyon Lodge ski lifts and is located on the shuttle bus route. It is one mile north of the Village where many stores are located as well as a gondola that takes you to and from the Village and Canyon lodge.

Mammoth West was built in 1970 with a total of 43 units. Amenities include a large year long jacuzzi and sauna. Views include the Sherwin mountain range, Canyon Lodge & Ski runs, and the Owens Valley. For more information on Mammoth West condo’s visit Mammoth Wests websight at

Floorplans and Sales Data (from 2005 to 2014)

  • 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom (approx. 1151 sqft.) Lowest: $200,000 Oct 2012 High: $550,000 Apr 2006
  • 4 bedroom / 2-3 bathroom ( approx. 1600 sqft.) Lowest: $285,000 Dec 2012  High: $641,000 Dec 2005

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Snowcreek III

Snowcreek Map 2012

Snowcreek III is located towards the east end of Snowcreek I and Snowcreek II.  Spectacular views of the Sherwin Mnts. can be seen by many of the Snowcreek III complexes. Its conveniently located next to multiple dirt trails and the Mammoth town loop trail.

Snowcreek III is the third phase of the snowcreek condominiums. It was built in 1982 with a total of 59 units. There are limited numbers of garages that are sold separately or come with units. You can access Snowcreek III from the front on Old Mammoth Road.

Floorplans and Sales Data (from 2005 to 2014)

  • 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom (approx. 853 sqft.) Lowest: $161,799 Feb 2013 High: $406,000 Oct 2004
  • 1 bedroom + Loft / 1-2 bathroom ( approx. 1000 sqft.) Lowest: $327,000 Feb 2011  High: $532,500 Aug 2007
  • 3 bedroom + Loft / 2-3 bathroom ( approx. 1685 sqft.) Lowest: $450,000 March 2010 High: $982,500 May 2005

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