Inventory Increase Coming?

Inventory “Should” Increase between Spring Break and 4th of July

We know you are frustrated, buyers!  You want buy something in Mammoth but do not currently have many choices.  Our inventory is at a 14-year low (only 52 condos for sale as of today!) so there is only one or maybe two listings that fit your criteria.  Plus, many listings are kept on a nightly rental program and, therefore, are rented and unavailable when you are in town to look at them!

However, we are hopeful that we have the typical increase in inventory this time of year as rental income from the ski season starts to dry up and would-be sellers are more ready to list.

Between the months of April and July during the years 2010-2016, we have seen an average of a 30% increase in the number of condos for sale.  See graph below:

Condo Inventory by Month pic


Last year (2017) was a bit of an aberration (inventory went down 24% from spring to summer) because Mammoth announced it was being purchased by KSL in April, plus we were just digging out from an amazing snow year, which both helped kick off a buying spree.

Let’s hope we get back to the same spring bump in inventory and get our choices up to at least 70 condo listings (hopefully 90!) by summertime.

While you buyers are trying to be patient, we know you are also watching interest rates with keen interest.  We are working hard to uncover listings before they get listed and position our buyers to be ready to pounce when something does fit the bill.  We are often running up to a new listing to take a 360 deg video so our buyers can analyze it from home (typically in Southern California).  Let us know how we can help you find your Mammoth getaway!